Venetian Plaster

Throughout the years, new innovations and developments on the Venetian Plaster Decorative Painting technique are offered, giving us even more creative possibilities when decorating our homes and business establishments in South Florida. Combine this age-old technique with the latest technology and highest quality now available for us to make use of, and we have a very long list of options for our home and office decorating projects.

There are now more colors available within the Venetian Plaster technique added to the original lime and marble mixture ingredients. It is also now more consistent and durable. So, set your imagination free and let your walls be your canvass!

You can have any texture, sheen or color imaginable. Create subtle, understated and sophisticated or colorful and dramatic for your life.

Residential Faux Finish

Our residential faux painting can replicate whatever look you want. Faux finishing is much more unique and looks more aesthetically pleasing than either bare paint or wallpaper, making it the best choice when the unique appearance of your walls is a priority. In addition, faux painting is easier to change or remove than wallpaper, because it consists of paint and not an added layer. In addition, faux painting is not nearly as common as wallpaper, bringing prestige to your walls, in addition to the aesthetic advantage they provide over all other options, including in most cases repairs.

Commercial Faux Finish

For our commercial faux painting clients, we have a wide range of techniques to create a unique look for your business with faux painting. Our faux painting techniques are available in large selection of finishes, giving many options when selecting the look you want for your walls. Our faux painting can replicate many other decorative looks, such as Venetian plaster, gold leaf, custom molding, and decorative scrollwork.